Suspiria poster reveal horror remake coming attractions trailer

Coming Attractions: Suspiria, Part II

Rejoice, fiends, for there is another Suspiria trailer to dissect. This one is leaning harder into the Three Mothers mythology and showing us a glimpse of the already infamous voodoo doll dance sequence, and I have some thoughts. But first, take a look:

When the first trailer was released, I said I wasn’t yet feeling cautiously optimistic. I think this trailer has changed my mind. Even when I thought this was going to be an irredeemable train wreck, I was really looking forward to that voodoo doll scene because it sounds horrible and grisly and disgusting, which is how I often like my horror. But now…damn it, this actually looks really, really good.

Like I wrote before, the filmmakers are wisely eschewing an attempt to match the visual grandeur of the original, but they are still absolutely nailing the ’70s Euro-horror look. There seems to be more of a possession angle to this story, which is interesting. That combined with the curious laser light show in certain scenes makes me think of Hereditary a bit (a review of that is coming, by the way). And my heart is still pounding from seeing what I think is Pat walking down a hallway in what almost certainly has to be the legendary set piece from the beginning of the movie.

What say you, fiends? Are you looking forward to this as much as I am, or do you still have doubts? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. […] One day my sister and I turned on the TV and caught the last minute or two of the final credits of this film on the Sci-Fi Channel (many years before it became SyFy). We saw the pouring rain and the burning Art Deco building, heard the hideous screams and the crazy music, and said to each other in rapturous wonder, “What the hell is this?!” Dear reader, I was hooked. My sister is not the horror fan that I am, but she recognized quality cinema, and when we discovered that Sci-Fi had the good sense to air the movie back-to-back, we settled in for as wild a ride as Standards & Practices would allow. I hunted down a decent copy of the movie as soon as I could to watch it in its full glory, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. […]


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