Monster Monday: Spooky Space Kook

Happy Monster Monday, fiends! I’ve been dealing with some health issues for the past several weeks, so I’m easing back into things and having some fun today with a classic monster from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! The Spooky Space Kook – who deserves his own Monster Monday post just for that name alone – has one of my favorite Scooby Doo villain character designs.


Is he a spaceman? A robot? A skeleton? A ghost? He is all of these and he is none of these, dear fiends; he is far too weird and too scary to be pinned down by such pedestrian definitions. He is…THE SPACE KOOK.


Though his shuttlecock spaceship has seen better days.


There are few things that chill my blood faster than a creepy laugh, and damn if the Space Kook’s eerie cackle doesn’t still stop me cold.

Is there a Scooby Doo villain that you think is creepier than the Space Kook? Let me know in the comments!

Have a good week, fiends, and remember: pulling off someone else’s mask is rude, especially when they’re not wearing one.

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