The most wonderful day of the year is finally here, fiends! I hope you have a spooky day and find zero toothbrushes in your trick-or-treat bag. Unfortunately, today is also the final day of our 31 Days of Halloween Horrorthon. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, and I thank you very much for reading. I’m starting off again with a movie I haven’t seen before, so please enjoy:

Tales of Halloween 


  • Nice! Adrienne Barbeau on the mic. Is this movie going to be a game of spot-the-reference?
  • Damn, the talent in this is incredible.
  • Public domain bingo! Night of the Living Dead is playing in the background.
  • Go, Timmy, go! Oh man, that is some good gore. I was initially going to suggest calling CPS, but killing your parents and eating their stomach contents works too.
  • Carpenter Bar.
  • Is it a thing to eat candy Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene style? I did not approve this.
  • The part of the Devil will be played by Roger Stone.
  • See? Never give out toothbrushes. That’s a shankin’.
  • BILLY THOMPSON OWNS THE NIGHT. This is why I never pulled a single Halloween prank. You never know when the Devil will set you up for a murder charge.
  • That’s such a good idea. Carl Grimes should totally be a pirate for Halloween. And nice NOTLD shout-out with the quick cuts. (No pun intended.)
  • Is this segment an ad for the Warped Tour? Nothing says “badass” quite like bicycles and face tattoos.
  • Lin Shaye! Breaking it down for the children.
  • Nice bathroom mirror jump scare fake-out.
  • Carnival of Souls! Is that public domain too? Either way, that soon-to-be-dead lady has good taste.
  • Gah! Nice jump scare there.
  • Pollyanna McIntosh! LOVE HER.
  • This Hansel/Witch couples costume bit is brilliant. “Vould you like some of mein candy?”
  • “I’m gonna make cookies!” That line reading was completely unhinged, and I have fallen in love all over again.
  • Red Hot Burnin’ Skulz. Is that an ascot or a dickie? I’m leaning toward ascot.
  • The stop-motion trick-or-treating alien is so frakking cute.
  • There’s not enough room on the Internet to list all of the references in “Friday the 31st.” I would totally watch a feature-length version of that, by the way.
  • Note to self: make a playlist of all of the horror music that is close enough to the Halloween theme to be recognizable without risking a lawsuit.
  • I’m digging the head-spider jack o’ lantern.
  • Ha! Clover Corp. Super Pumpkin. This movie knows that Halloween III is the best.
  • That was a lot of fun. I love anthology films, which brings us to:

Trick ‘r Treat


  • I enjoy how this movie discusses the Rules of Halloween without winking nearly as much as Scream did when it dealt with the Slasher Rules. I like Scream, and I’m obviously not suggesting that Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson didn’t respect horror, but there seems to be more reverence in this movie, which I appreciate.
  • How can anyone hate Halloween?
  • I love this movie so much.
  • I wish my town went all out for Halloween like Warren Valley, Ohio does.
  • Dylan Baker is another one of my favorite character actors. He’s perfect for this role. “Always check your candy.”
  • ”Charlie Brown’s an asshole!” You bite your tongue, Billy Wilkins. There will be no blasphemy in this house.
  • There’s a lot of smart misdirection in this movie.
  • I had completely forgotten about the Furry orgy. I know I have a comically high number of tags, but that’s one tag I’m not using. No judgment, I just don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.
  • I want to take a pumpkin carving class with Rhonda. That girl is a true artist.
  • I’m glad I never had to wear headgear in public. I had to wear it at night for a while, but if I had had to wear it during the day I would have been the Gurseburmps girl’s twin.
  • I love the “Morning, Rhonda”; “Morning, Sam” looks of appreciation at the rock quarry.
  • Public domain bingo! It’s House on Haunted Hill this time.
  • Sam crawling on the ceiling is so damn creepy. Ceiling-crawling and spider-walking always terrify me.
  • “Trick ‘r treat…”



  • The theme and the music cues are perfect.
  • If the Bionic Asylum Inmate jumped onto the roof of my car, I would not roll down the window to have a look at him.
  • That moment when the nurse crawls over to the passenger side, with the rain coming down and the blue and yellow lights shining on her, reminds me so much of Suspiria. It’s a really lovely shot, and very scary.
  • Besides Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Laurie’s teacher is the most “wah wah wah wah wah wah” teacher outside of a Peanuts cartoon.
  • ”If you don’t, it’s your funeral.” You will note that the field in which Loomis grows his fucks is barren.
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Annie? Because I hate her. A lot.
  • I love the shot outside the hardware store, with Michael driving past as Loomis looks in the wrong direction.
  • “This is no man.” I’m sure this already exists, but we need a supercut of every ominous pronouncement Loomis makes throughout the series about Michael.
  • The Thing! I hate to admit it, but I’ve never seen the original.
  • Even Annie’s death rattle is annoying.
  • “Hey! Hey, Lonnie! Get your ass away from there!” Loomis’s gleeful face says, “I have found my calling, and it is terrorizing children.”
  • I need to incorporate Tommy and Lindsey’s Spooky Sound Pumpkin Parade into my annual Halloween festivities.
  • I love that Laurie is a knitter. I don’t talk about knitting much around here, but when I’m not watching horror movies (and sometimes even when I am), I’m knitting.
  • Bob’s death scene has one of my favorite Michael Myers moments. I think of it as the butterfly scene, because after Michael stabs Bob he examines him like you would a pinned butterfly. That’s a perfect visual representation of who and what Michael is.
  • Time to find the bodies!
  • I love the lighting when Laurie is in the living room and she stabs Michael with the knitting needle. Beautiful work from Dean Cundey.
  • “You can’t kill the boogeyman.” Wise words, Tommy.
  • Children running screaming down the street is Loomis’s Bat-Signal.
  • SUCH a brilliant ending. My blood runs cold when you hear Michael’s breathing and see all the places he’s been and all the places he could be.

That’s it for this year, fiends. We’re back to your regularly scheduled blog programming starting tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!



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