Monster Monday: Night of the Creeps

Happy Monster Monday, fiends! Today’s monster comes from one of my favorite movies: Night of the Creeps, a fantastic homage to ’50s B-movies directed by Fred Dekker and starring my man Tom Atkins as Detective Ray Cameron.


This is my favorite role of his, which is saying a lot. I don’t think I’ve written much yet about my love for Halloween III (also starring Tom Atkins), but I have a tattoo on my shoulder of the Magic Pumpkin from that movie, so when I say that Detective Cameron is my favorite Tom Atkins performance, you know how much I love Night of the Creeps.

In the movie, a rogue alien shoots a canister containing an experimental life form toward Earth. The canister shatters, spreading giant slugs that enter victims through the mouth and zombify them just long enough to breed and spread to other people before the victims die. The body of one of the original victims is kept in a university lab, and when a rush week prank goes awry, the slugs escape and terrorize a fraternity and sorority on the night of their formal dance.

Slug-zombie-frat-bros vs. Tom Atkins and a flamethrower. It is even more fun than it sounds, kiddies. Now, behold:







Have a good week, fiends, and rejoice: October is almost here!



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