Monster Monday: Hush

Greetings and salutations, denizens of the Internet. Rejoice, for today is Monster Monday!

I have been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately, so today’s monster is the creepiest of all the BTVS baddies: The Gentlemen. Appearing in “Hush,” one of the best episodes of the series, The Gentlemen – who are so creepy that even the “The” is capitalized – steal the voices of all of the people who are crazy enough to continue living in Sunnydale and begin cutting out people’s hearts.

These fairy tale nightmares are easily the most terrifying creatures to appear on the show, so it should come as no surprise that Greatest Living Creature Actor Doug Jones plays one of The Gentlemen. I could go on all day about this episode, and about Doug Jones, but Monster Monday is a day of few words and lots of cool monster pictures, so we’ll save those discussions for later. For now, enjoy these pictures of The Gentlemen and try not to think about them when you go to sleep tonight.






Have a good week, kiddies.

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