Monster Monday: Hobgoblins

A very happy Monster Monday to you all! Today’s monster comes from the inimitable 1988 classic Hobgoblins. This movie is absolutely terrible, and I love it dearly. It is also the subject of one of the best episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. (Director Rick Sloane has a great sense of humor – he submitted Hobgoblins to the MST3K writers himself.) A lot of the movies they watch on MST3K are pretty boring when you don’t have the expert comedic commentary of the bots and Joel or Mike, but Hobgoblins is a movie that stands on its own as a uniquely enjoyable film experience.

The basic plot of the movie is this: idiot accidentally frees hobgoblins from a vault where they were contained; hobgoblins run amok and terrorize idiot and his friends; idiot puts the hobgoblins back in the vault and then blows it up. This movie has a lot going for it – a ridiculous plot, terrible acting, an apparent budget of $57 – but the real draw is the hobgoblins. They are obviously modeled on Spike from Joe Dante’s more successful movie Gremlins, and they may be my favorite cheap puppets in movie history.

Hobgoblins is a wonderful bad movie, and it knows it. Watch it as soon as you can and then watch the MST3K episode. Until then, enjoy these hobgoblin photos and ponder how wrong the word “hobgoblins” looks after you type it a dozen times.


See? That word no longer has any meaning.

Have a good week, kiddies.

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