Monster Monday: They Live

Happy Monster Monday, fiends! Today’s monster comes from John Carpenter’s classic anti-establishment sci-fi-action-horror-comedy They Live. Featuring one of the most famous fight scenes and one of the most hilariously ludicrous tough guy lines in film history, They Live is a must-see. I normally only include monster photos on Monster Monday, but since today is a holiday here in the States, I’m giving you a little extra horror goodness.

Behold: THE FIGHT.

Behold: THE LINE.

Now we get to the main attraction: the monsters. Aliens have invaded Earth and are controlling humans through subliminal messaging designed to make people complacent, compliant, and submissive. A drifter, played by “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, discovers a box of sunglasses that enable the wearer to see the world as it truly is: filled with disgusting alien creatures ordering humanity to CONSUME, CONFORM, and OBEY. Awesomeness ensues.



*** Local Caption *** They Live, , John Carpenter, USA, 1988, V'16, Spielfilme




Have a good day, fiends. And remember: be rowdy, kick ass, and always question authority.

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