Monster Monday: Piñata

Happy Monster Monday! Today I’d like to introduce you to one of Jessica’s Laws of Horror: a film’s quality is inversely proportional to the number of title changes it undergoes after its theatrical release. I call this the Piñata Principle.

When I saw this movie on opening night, it was called Piñata. (Shockingly, my friend and I were the only two people in the theatre.) When I ran across the movie a couple of years later in a video store – kids, ask your parents – it was called Piñata: Survival Island. Later, they dropped the Piñata part and just called it Survival Island. Today, it is called Demon Island. That, my friends, is a lot of name changes. And no matter what you call it, this is a terrible, terrible movie.

The cast attempting to escape the set.

The film follows a group of college students as they hunt for underwear on a remote island in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. On this underwear hunt, two of the students find a cursed piñata and unleash a demon. I mean…I’m smiling just typing that sentence. I really do love this movie and how unabashedly stupid it is. And have I mentioned the terrible CGI? BEHOLD:

Demon or pissed-off, cinnamon-flavored Sour Patch Kid? You decide.

You really have to see it in action to appreciate the CGI’s true awfulness, but this should give you a pretty good idea of the caliber of effects we’re working with here. I highly recommend you seek this movie out and witness the terribleness firsthand.

Enjoy your week, kiddies. I’ll be back tomorrow with a TFW wrap-up. Until then, remember this: the next time you’re hunting underwear for Cinco de Mayo and you run across a cursed piñata…you know what, I was going to tell you to leave it alone, but honestly, if you’re hunting underwear to celebrate Cinco de Mayo I kind of want you to incur the wrath of a demon. So if you ever find yourself in that situation, kick the piñata and throw rocks at it. That’s the only way you’ll get to the candy inside.


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