Welcome, Foolish Mortals

Welcome to my horror blog.

When people ask me what my favorite horror movie is, I say The Haunting. Well, to be more accurate, I say, “The Haunting, BUT…if you want my favorite in each of these 73 subgenres or by my favorite 27 directors, I can give you those too.” That, dear readers, is why I started this blog.

I love horror. I love it in all its forms — every medium, every subgenre, every level of (or lack of) quality. I love it all, and I want to talk about it all. I hope that you in turn want to read about it all. If you don’t — may Cthulhu devour your soul. If you do — may Cthulhu hand you a balloon…and then devour your soul.

Stay tuned, kiddies. And remember: we who walk here, walk alone.


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