Welcome, Foolish Mortals

Welcome to my horror blog.

When people ask me what my favorite horror movie is, I say The Haunting1. Well, to be more accurate, I say, “The Haunting, BUT…if you want my favorite in each of these 73 subgenres or by my favorite 27 directors2, I can give you those too.” That, dear readers, is why I started this blog.

I love horror. I love it in all its forms – every medium, every subgenre, every level of (or lack of) quality. I love it all, and I want to talk about it all. I hope that you in turn want to read about it all. If you don’t – may Cthulhu devour your soul. If you do – may Cthulhu hand you a balloon…and then devour your soul.

Stay tuned, kiddies. And remember: we who walk here, walk alone.


1. Which you probably guessed from the title of the blog and the photo at the top of this post. If you didn’t guess that because you aren’t familiar with the movie or the book on which it is based, don’t worry – I will discuss both in later posts.
2. I am prone to hyperbole3, but now I want to see if I can come up a list of 73 subgenres and my 27 favorite directors, so look for those posts sometime in the future.
3. I am also prone to footnoting. Sorrynotsorry.


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